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Control Review

                                                         Step in to Old House I finally got around to playing Control. It was on my list of games to play before we here at Dash Cancel […]

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                                                               Fallout Effect I can tell you that I instantly felt right at home playing The Outer Worlds. Obsidian Entertainment is a name most of […]

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                                     This Monster Does Belong In This World! One would feel as if they would have to turn immortal to see the release of this game. Well, fear not, as the day has arrived. And I’m here to […]

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                                                                  A Simple and Clean Wrap-up Many of us thought this day would never come. Many of us gave up trying to figure […]

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Far Cry 5 Review

                                           Crazy? He’s [bleepin] crazy. That’s how I felt for the biggest part of Far Cry 5. Something lingers in the air in Hope County, Montana. People are acting a bit strange. There is one […]

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