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A Way Out Review

Joined at the screen, two men learn to balance their revenge and climb up walls together. I enjoyed this game. While not perfect, A Way Out shows us a glimpse into some really nice storytelling built around a co-op experience. You get to see everything unwind while our two escapees plot out their desire to […]

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Goin’ Down To South Park, Gonna Beat Some Friends Of Mine Back in 1997, South Park made its debut with little hand made cutout characters that made for crappy animation, terrible voice acting, and a pilot episode plot about a group of third graders living in a quiet mountain town. And one of them gets […]

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Cuphead Review

This playable cartoon looks old school, but your skills better be! Hey all you cool hip cats out there, have you heard about Cuphead? He’s a cool swingin’ jive daddio that got mixed up with the wrong side of the tracks along with his pal Mugman- nope, wait… stop… let’s just forget about that…. Even […]

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Destiny 2 Review

Back….. To the Future Remember in Back to the Future II where Marty travels back to 1955 again? We get to see the events from the first movie happen for a second time, from a different angle, while the new plot unfolds that eventually brings us all back to the 1985 we know and love. […]

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