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Reviews – PS4

Death Stranding Review

                                               Death is tragic, but life is miserable As I sit here pondering on how to explain Death Stranding, the quote above came to mind. You might recognize it, if you have played […]

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                                                               Fallout Effect I can tell you that I instantly felt right at home playing The Outer Worlds. Obsidian Entertainment is a name most of […]

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                                                                  A Simple and Clean Wrap-up Many of us thought this day would never come. Many of us gave up trying to figure […]

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Spider-Man(PS4) Review

                                       Insomniac shows how fans can create something great I’d like to start off this spoiler free review with a simple question. Do you have a Playstation 4 yet? If the answer is no(for whatever reason, not […]

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God of War Review

                   Boy! Come over here and translate this review, boy! This one was tough for me. I generally like to write spoiler free reviews, or in some cases, I try to massively label when a spoiler is coming. There is just so much I want to discuss […]

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