About Us

The people who bring you Dash Cancel

EJ Howson
Creator, Videographer, Internet Personality.

EJ Howson. The creator of Dash Cancel. The man with a vision to bring wholesome news and hilarious commentary to a field of entertainment that didn’t have a shot until he arrived. Not only is he a man of good taste in all things entertainment, he also is an excellent videographer and editor. You should see the stuff he creates. You think our video intro just happened by magic? This guy. He’s the guy. He also lives in Japan and is the central hub of all of the cool takes and twists on the gaming scene.

Stevie Starosciak
Web Developer & Designer, Let’s Player

Oh Stevie. Stevie Starosciak. It’s actually pronounced “Starshock”. He decided to come along and revamp the website, as well as partake in game commentary, because he apparently has a lot to say about them…usually nothing important. Really though, he loves designing and creating websites and apps, all of which he’ll be continuing to do while he’s part of the team. If you’re curious of his stuff, check out his site. He likes to travel around and sing karaoke, so if you’re into that same thing, he’ll be your best friend.