Hey everyone, Chris here, and I am here to tell both you and your eyeballs, that Dashcancel has returned from its brief slumber. We spent some of the holidays with friends and family, and we have been out and about trying to secure some upcoming events to cover that 2018 is offering in the world of entertainment, cons, and you know it, games. But in the middle of all of this, we have been getting down to some game time, and what we thought was the best that 2017 had to offer. We have been going through some of the enormous back catalog we have, and playing the best and what some would consider the worst, all for the sake of bringing you our adventures right here.

At the moment, I am knee deep in monster guts, playing through Monster Hunter World. I am having a blast with it, and as a fan of the series, I love that nothing has really been dumbed-down to appeal to a larger audience. The main experience still shines through. And if I am knee deep, EJ is up above his waist in said monster guts, putting in the real time and grind. For the first time, you can actually play the main story in 4 player co-op, albeit it is a bit of a hassle. More on Monster Hunter to come in our review!

And let’s not forget about Dragon Ball Fighter Z, which brings the fighting back to a 2D plane in more of a Marvel vs Capcom over the top stylish fighter. I can see this one getting tons of hours, if nothing more than to look at all that flashy animation. Give the fans what they want, and it is great to go right alongside Dragon Ball Super which is currently airing right now.

On top of covering events, you have a remake of Shadow of the Colossus, which yes, I am buying for a third time, a new God of War, Far Cry, Sea of Thieves, and so much more on my radar. One in particular is Kingdom Come: Deliverance which looks to serve up some great open world action rpg elements to fit with a more mature story, and a bit more realism it seems. The first part of 2018 is definitely packed with plenty to play.


Any Final Fantasy XIV fans still poking about? The newest 4.2 patch coming shows us some FFVI action, including what seems to be the town of Narshe and a certain world destroying maniac of a clown, Kefka. I am beyond excited, and will be returning to Eorzea very soon. Now it’s time to get back to Monster Hunter. Look for a nice amount of upcoming articles right here on Dash Cancel!

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