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After being away for 18 years FLCL is finally making a return.  Adult Swim will be collaborating with Production IG to make this happen.  Sadly Gainax won’t have any involvement this time around, but in these last 18 years Production IG more than stands on its own two legs as one of the best anime production houses out there today.  The show is labeled as parts 2+3 and will be 12 episodes total.  The show supposedly does not feature Naoto as its main character, but instead the story revolves around the girl with cat ear headphones.  Though if you watch the trailer there’s a character that wears a band-aid on his forehead, which to me is very reminiscent of Naoto’s same marking.  Haruko is making a comeback, so that should be interesting at least.

I was fresh out of high school when this thing hit.  It was really different to the big series I was used to watching at the time, like Evangelion, Cardcaptor, or Fushigi Yuugi.  Part of me wants to be really excited for this, but the other jaded adult half of me wants to stay skeptical.  Hopefully my worries will all be for naught, or at least we’ll end up with some good J-Rock songs like the last time.  Oh ya, Pillows is making their return for some songs, and hopefully Atomsk will as well 😉

Oh, and it features humongous irons again as well 😀

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