So it finally happened.  Blizzard finally unveiled the fabled Doomfist to the world today.  Blizzard has been hinting at this character since the very first CG short they released where Winston and Tracer faced off against Widowmaker and Reaper.  The story is that the gauntlet Doomfist wields has been bounced around from goody guy to baddy, but the gauntlet itself remains the constant.

Sadly, Terry Crews was not selected by Blizzard to voice this character.  As a fan of Crews, I was really hoping he was going to land this gig.  Hopefully they’ll hire him for another character down the road!



Sadly the PTR is kind of jam packed at the moment and I’ve not had the chance to play with the new character.  However, here’s a run down of the moves.  His base weapon is a short range blast with spread that comes out of the gauntlet, and it reloads automatically.  It basically serves as something as like a shotgun from what I can tell.  His secondary fire is a rocket punch that allows Doomfist to charge up and knock enemies back, and if they hit a wall damage done increases.    His “E” move is Seismic Slam that causes him to leap forward and hit the ground.  Hitting left shirt performs the Rising Uppercut which knocks enemies up into the air.


Blizzard did release an anime-style video to go along with the reveal.  I like the “tude” this guy is sporting, and I’m curious about his backstory more and more.  Hopefully we’ll see another CG movie staring him!  This will have to do for now though.


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