The voice behind Tommy Pickles and Buttercup chats with us

I was able to grab an interview with someone who was there for many years during my childhood. From voicing Tommy Pickles on Rugrats, to starring in a Pee-Wee Herman movie, E.G. Daily has become a well known voice to many. I asked her for a bit of her time, and she was more than happy to let me chat it up for a bit. I’m not gonna lie, when she starts doing the voices, I melt a bit. I come to find out she has done some game voices, most recently in Doom, which I was very happy about. After the interview, she talks for a bit more, and on that day, I had my wife and two boys with me. They did their own thing while Kris and I were working on interviews and getting pictures, but we all met up for E.G. Daily. She comes from around the table to talk with my family. She really interacts with my two boys, and then asked us all to say three positive things about ourselves. It was all so uplifting, and it really meant a lot to us. My older son Wes returns the next day with his girlfriend, and approaches her booth once again. She instantly recognized him and had him say three more positive things, and talked to his girlfriend for a bit. When I was doing my rounds later that day, I approached her to thank her again for her time from the previous day, and she told me about my son coming to see her. Folks, this lady truly does care for people, and left a huge impact on my life as well as Kris, along with my wife and Wes(who is 14 as of writing this), and Ben(who was 12). If you get the chance to meet her, please do.

Below is the interview I had, and I tried not to be a complete dork. I may have failed, but here it is, for you to watch!

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