The Old Kentucky Home Harbors Some Old Ones Indeed

Having finished reading Derelict: The Harbingers of Kromius, I had some feelings. Feelings for the characters that were built up, feelings for the Kentucky setting that is not far from where I live currently. And finally feelings of- when will there be more?!?! Well, that question will be answered, but for now, let’s review this book!

A book review? Yes, I have been wanting to start writing about other people’s writing, and this is a great place to start. What’s that? You think reading is boring? Nah, you just need to find the right book! You’ve tried that already? Hmm. You hear that? Somewhere off in the distance? Oh, it’s getting louder. ~ Butterfly in the skyyyyyyy, I can go twice as~ alright you get it. It’s time. Take a look, inside this book. It’s Reading Rai- fine, I’ll stop.

Author Ray Coffman was nice enough to let us interview him about Derelict. We also discussed his outstanding art, and that can be found on . The interview would be on our YouTube page. He wanted to create a sort of horror/sci-fi hybrid right in his hometown of Harrodsburg, Kentucky. Not only did he manage to accomplish this task, he was able to create small side arcs that help put the characters and pieces together. So, how do I review this spoiler free? I will do my best, but will always have a gigantic spoiler sign if I do intend to talk about something that would be a spoiler. For now, you are safe to read on.

This tale starts out introducing Eric Morris, a drifter that makes his way to Mercer County. In a small Kentucky town called Harrodsburg, everything unfolds as odd things transpire throughout the day. At times, we see through Eric’s eyes, as you the reader wonder just what his purpose is? Why does he look over his shoulder? It almost seems like something is giving him the creeps. Something you or I cannot see. Other times you will be lead down a rabbit hole of Kromius members. Without spoiling anything, Kromius is a massive organization that helps take care of and rebuild historic places and cities. And you would be right in questioning if there is more than meets the eye. But what? Well, you’ll have to find that out yourself.


As Coffman introduces more characters, they aren’t just thrown to the wayside. If the heart of the book is the timeline that happens throughout the day, then the soul of the book is how each and every one of these characters fit into the day, and have a purpose. Seeing someone like Elaina, a young Kromius member going from someone that is along for the ride with other members, to having a pivotal role in the entire story is just a small piece of the puzzle here. Gerald Gramveldt, the leader of Kromius, just so happens to be making a trip to the Harrodsburg office. Why today? Why does Elaina keep seeing odd things happening in this town? Hearing of local folk tales and ghost stories is one thing, but being face to face with them? Once again, it’s all inside.

At 370 pages, you could say this is on the lighter side of the sprawling story Coffman is weaving here. While a little slow to start due to character and location introductions, Derelict soon starts gaining steam and doesn’t let up. But by the end of the adventure, you have come to realize that many questions are answered here. Who is the masked man on the cover of the book? You will know all too well. Eric? Yep, he plays his role. Kromius? Let’s just say it gets deep. Our small little town of Harrodsburg? I will never look at it the same, even if this is just a story! Yes, you will have questions by the end as well. Here is where the good news comes in. Ray has told us he intends to keep going, and turn this whole ordeal into a series. I asked him if it would all take place in Harrodsburg? While being vague, Ray may have hinted it could spill over possibly. I do believe we might see some other Kentucky areas if my guess is correct. I really enjoyed the ride that Derelict took me on. From learning a bit about Harrodsburg, to my heart racing as something cold and dreary makes its presence known. Now I’m worrying about the characters, and if they would prevail through the night? There is a little something for everyone here, and I would urge you to give it a chance!



  • Great mix of sci-fi and horror
  • Being able to weave so many characters together along with the story


  • A bit slow to start
  • I wish it was longer!
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