If you’re an old school gamer and tend to keep recent with your news, it’s likely you’ve heard of the Super NT.

The system, created by the Washington based company Analogue, is a Super NES “clone”.  I hate to call it that considering how great the system is, but a clone is a clone.  A lot of experts say that it even surpasses the original system in some regards.  For those new to the Super NT, it uses a chip called an FPGA (fully programmable gate array).  If we think of the hardware in the original SNES as a series of transistors and electronic signals, the FPGA can basically be programmed in such a way that it simulates said signals and transistors.

The system released in February early this year and had sold out some time before that.  The day after the release, pre-orders for a March 5th date opened up.  I managed to snag one of the transparent ones and received it a couple of weeks back.

I often frequent their site to see if there are any new firmware updates.  They’ve been doing a great job of correcting a number of bugs related to specific games and issues.

Recently they announced that they had not expected the system to do as well as it has.  They added to that and said that they’ll be shipping more out this summer.  However, the black version of the Super NT is still available.  It’s the Super Famicom, Super Nintendo, and transparent styles you’ll have to wait on.



Here is the excerpt from their site: “We didn’t anticipate how incredible the response to Super Nt would be and we’re currently sold out of all other variants (Classic, SF, and transparent). Once we saw the response, we began producing more units. We’ve been doing our best to keep up with demand. This production will be ready to ship this summer sometime. For the time being, black Super Nt units are in stock and shipping now- please note they are available in limited quantities. ”


I’ve not written up a review for the system yet, because I was waiting for some SNES games to arrive from the USA to Japan so I can put the system through a few more paces.  Though, I can easily say if you enjoy SNES or retro games, the Super NT is the closest thing you can get to the original hardware.  Those pixels are just downright gorgeous in HD.  Look out for a review and rundown the system in the future!


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